Joe Bluhm is an "artist's artist." I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds good, so I'm going with it. When I first saw a drawing he had done of me, I thought I was looking in a fun house mirror. Then when I realized I wasn't at the circus, I thought, "This is wild". Joe's work, like any great art, is hard to describe, but I'll try. It is great.
Brian Regan

"I don't know if it's courage or insanity that makes Joe insult people to their face, but the results are remarkably smooth and deliciously hilarious!"
-Rolling Stone painter & illustrator
Philip Burke

"It's mind-boggling that the vibrant, expressive and sometimes hilarious illustrations in this book were cranked out at warp speed amid the heat, roar and distractions of the midway... it only makes them all the more wonderful"
-MAD Magazine artist
Tom Richmond

"Joe Bluhm and other craftsmasters like him are the reason I stay away from caricaturing. They've set the standards too damn high!"
-animator & comic novelist
Michel Gagne

"None of these drawings should have been rejected. People have no clue what is good or what is bad. Joe Bluhm's the best live artist I have ever met."
-caricature master
Jan Op De Beeck

"This book is not only filled with beautiful drawings, but will serve as a great source of inspiration for anyone interested in understanding the art of caricature..."
-Nick/Disney character designer
Stephen Silver

"[Joe] is a caricaturist who can distort a person's features well beyond what any human face could withstand, and yet in every one of his portraits I feel like I've seen that person before."
-caricature illustrator & animator
David Cowles

...and more to come!
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